Vanilla & Rose

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The exclusive Vanilla & Rose Bundle includes the following:


Candy Addict Rosy Rose Hair Mist - 100 ml

p>This seductive, addictive hair mist will keep you coming back for more! The gentle, sophisticated fragrance will delicately scent your hair with floral notes of rose, jasmine and musk. Pure heaven.


Candy Addict V Vanille Hair Mist - 100 ml


An intoxicating blend of vanilla and floral notes with a touch of Oriental spice! Take your fragrance game to a whole new level with this one of a kind hair sensation.


How to use:


Hold the can about 20cm away from your hair and spritz the mist evenly over your hair. Then smile, this is gonna be your day! Don't forget to shake the can before use to liven up the candy!


Reapply throughout the day whenever you need a dose of fabulousness!


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