Clean & Sweet

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The Clean & Sweet bundle includes the following Candy Addict treats:


Candy Addict Powdery Pow Hair Mist - 100 ml


Want to be that person that smells so good you make everyone wonder what you're wearing? The fresh, dry sweetness of Powdery Pow will make you that person! The opening notes of rose & iris lead to the clean, powdery sweet base notes and POW! Love at first spritz.


Candy Addict Marshmallow Mash Hair Mist - 100 ml:


A deliciously nostalgic scent combination that will transport you to a land of fairgrounds and campfires with every spritz! The opening notes of juicy peach lead to the sweet marshmallow leaving you smelling good enough to eat! Marshmallow Mash is your go-to fragrance that keeps your hair subtly fragranced throughout the day!


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