Candy Addict Signature Collection EDP Discovery Set - 5x2 ml

39 SR 89 SR


This set includes five joyful fragrances from "Candy Addict" and is created to satisfy your sensations and to enjoy their charming and attractive scents. Enjoy this arrangement of "Candy Addict" perfumes with an aromatic experience that combines elegance and a blast of joy. The set comes in a distinctive and modern box that would be an ideal gift for your loved ones on special occasions. The set contains:

 - Candy Addict V Vanille EDP - 2 ml

 - Candy Addict Rosy Rose EDP - 2 ml

 - Candy Addict Berry B EDP - 2 ml

 - Candy Addict Marshmallow Mash EDP - 2 ml

 - Candy Addict Powder Musk EDP - 2 ml

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